Gadget Review – InfoTechnica Tangle Free Cables

A review of InfoTechnica reversible USB A to micro USB cables. These cables are gold plated, made of flat anti-tangle cable. 1m and 1.5m long. source

Blue Apron Food Service Fresh Ingredients Unboxing

Unboxing of my first delivery of the food service Blue Apron, which delivers in a refrigerated box fresh ingredients for you to prepare home cooked, restaurant -quality meals on your own for 2- 4 people and 2- 3 times per week. source

Aukey 6.6ft Micro USB Gold Plated Data/Charge Sync Cable Review

This is the anker 6.6ft micro usb charge and data sync cable. It features a very generous length cord making it perfect for travel or even to reach across from your desk to your bed for maximum comfort. There is gold plating on the tips which actually provides for a rich and rapid increase in speeds so now you don’t have to wait around for your device to charge up as long with going from a dead battery to 80 percent in less than an hour. $8.99 source

24 Karat Gold Plated Lift Bar Product Review // ZEEVIEWS.COM

24 Karat Gold Plated Lift Bar Product Review by ZEE of ZEEVIEWS.COM I really had high hopes for this 24k gold plated lift bar. I don’t really see any noticeable results but the good news is it hasn’t made my face any worse or given me any adverse reactions. It does feel kind of nice on my skin. It’s most enjoyable on my cheeks and on my temples. I know it wasn’t intended for headaches but I did use it along with some pain relievers to assist in soothing me from a headache and I did see some minor improvements from that. Another strange thing I found it effective for was for doing a sinus pressure massage. When your sinuses are clogged you can gently run the bar over your sinus areas surrounding your nose and it tickles a little bit some somehow breaks up your nasal congestion. After using it all over my face for several minutes it does tingle a little bit so I do believe in their claim that it stimulates circulation. I did also use it with a serum because allegedly it helps your skin care products penetrate deeper. I can’t prove is disprove that one way or another. Either way the product didn’t do me any harm but at the same time I didn’t really see any difference in terms of wrinkle reduction or tightening of skin in addition to what my skin care products already accomplish on their own. I received this product at […]

Introducing The Plated Cookbook

Delve into the dynamic world of “choose your own adventure” cooking with Plated, the debut cookbook from the talented chefs responsible for the creative, seasonal recipes distributed by the eponymous cook-at-home dinner delivery service. Pre-order at source

Plated Review

A review of Plated. All the pros and cons. Not a sponsored ad. Ordering meals online. Subscribe and come on this journey with me. What does it take to be Successful? What does it take to be Healthy? What happened to Courtesy and Manners? What does it take to be a Girl- or even harder an adult? My focus is to transform into a Modern Lady. Visit in Many ways: Site : Twitter : Pinterest : source

Blue Apron Reviews – Boxed Home Meal Delivery Service Reviewed

Thinking about signing up for a Blue Apron meal delivery service? Wondering whether or not it’s worth the price? Trying to figure out how it compares to Hello Fresh, Plated and some of the other Blue Apron alternatives? At Blue Apron Reviews, we bring you all the answers you’re looking for, plus plenty of great meal recipes and pictures to titillate your taste buds. See more at: source

24k gold plated Spyderco Delica 4 unboxing . Texas tool crafters

24k gold plated Spyderco Delica 4 unboxing Texas tool crafters- . source

Blue Apron Unboxing


Reloading Alliant Power Pistol and Speer TMJ 147 gr. 9mm

Reloading Ramshot Silhouette Pistol Powder and Berry’s 115 gr 9mm Plated Bullet Review and Reloading source